Deciphering The ‘Y’ Chromosome – Chapter 5

I grieved my birth today more than any day.

The day was very exciting. I was going to meet my future in-laws. My lover and I finally decided to meet our parents and confess the emotions we had to them. It was all fine…until I sat in front of her parents. They eyed me with suspicion as if I tricked their daughter into a maze. They questioned everything about me, right from where I grew up to where I studied. Finally, they came to the hard-hitting reason for them to say a clear no to me. They asked where I was working and what my salary was. Chewing my lips, I replied that I was a writer and that I earn 15k a month when their daughter earned 80k a month…………


Well, what’s wrong if the guy earns less than the girl after marriage? I mean, if she’s okay with it… why should the society or anyone else have a say in this?

Marriage or any relationship means the knitting of two hearts by love and not by how much each earns. Why is it such a big deal for a guy to earn more than a girl?

Yes, I’m a writer because I hated my engineering college life. I failed in almost all the semesters. I finally realized my real happiness and pursued it. I’m an artist in the making. It’ll take some time for me to come up to a recognized position.

How much of fame and that extra bit of luxury will you all parents get after your daughter is pushed away by that top head business tycoon?

A guy or a girl earns depending on her/his caliber and what she’s doing. Don’t stereotype everything. Oh God, when are you all going to even understand this?

Behind every strong woman is a loving man and not a man with so much money. Why would you put your own daughter down by telling she needs some guy who earns more than her?

And the end of the story?

I walked home sad when she was being manipulated on her better doctor and engineer husband.



Rosh and Tanya.
(Girls in the shoes of guys).


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