Still The Same – An Open Letter By Shalini In Poetry Form.

Still The Same

When I see you, I freeze
like the water condensed
When I see you, I hush
like the morning dew
like the wind rush
Was it just a price tag you thought?
for how I fell for you can’t be bought.
Never have I ever asked for much
no diamond ring, neither flowers
nor stars to touch
Nothing extraordinary I asked for
a moment with you I’ll never forget
You did hurt me
but I couldn’t tell
Every time my heart ached
I couldn’t yell
You apologise
I forgive on the spot
Punishing myself with all
the pain I had got
Let’s be friends, speak to me you said
after all the moments shared and
the long hours we spent
When say Hi! I still reply
with all my heart, I say you hi!
You moved like it was a game we played
The pain, the emotions
down stay laid
Standing here, watching our love disappear
I ask myself, was it a mistake I made?
was only pain I deserve for all the price I paid?
But here I am

Being still the same….Still The Same


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6 Comment

  1. Puneet says: Reply

    Such a beautiful poem.

  2. This is such a beautiful poem, I love your writing 🙂

  3. This is so well written! I know what you’re talking about from hearing from so many others what they’ve gone through.

    Single Vegas Girl

  4. Wow! Loved it!

  5. Thank you so much for posting this.. It means a lot. And also your reviews and advice.. Thank you Tanya..

  6. Hi Tanya, what a beautiful poem by Shalini. I couldn’t read it without feeling hurts from the past.

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