An Open Letter To The Boy I Have A Crush On

*The author of this letter has chosen to be anonymous. So the identity wouldn’t be revealed.*


Dear the boy I have a crush on,

I wish you’d notice. I wish you’d see me in a different way. To you, I am a friend, perhaps; to you, I am nothing more. I have never had a crush before, not a real one, not one that wasn’t forced by peers in year five, but now I have a real one and you are the welcome recipient. You are smart but you are funny too, and nice, and it’s so hard to find someone like that. It’s so hard to find someone who understands you.


Of course, you’re also the boy who annoyed me for years, in a friendly way, when we were younger. Back then, I didn’t have a crush on you. But then you exited my life for years and now you’re back and you’re no longer a boy, you’re a man. You’ve grown up and you’re not annoying like you used to be (though I didn’t always mind when you were; you were never like the bullies, who were annoying to me in a mean way) and I respect that. When we went out bowling, with our moms, we talked properly, just us two, for the first time ever. I didn’t realize I’d never talked just with you before but it was lovely. You’re good at conversation.


That time, years ago, when you had that meltdown: I was on your side. I was actually quite pleased when someone finally stood up to the bossiest girl in school. Of course, you didn’t do it in quite the right way, but I applaud you. Back then, we were both undiagnosed. Two kids, same class, same school, just seen as kids with “behavioral issues” or “social issues”. Never thought as having more. Some schools we went to, huh?


But now we know about each other and we understand each other like we didn’t before. Now, we see each other in a different way. Now, I see you as someone quite special. And I don’t know how you see me but I hope it’s positively. I hope.


Yours sincerely,

The girl who has a crush on you.




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  1. Awww that that beautiful!! XD <3 XD That guy sounds like a really nice person!!

    1. Tanya says: Reply

      Thank you.

      1. No problem!! XD

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