An Open Letter To The City Of Joy

Dear Kolkata,

Thank you for taking in a fifteen-year-old confused, slightly whiny, a little dramatic teenage girl and turning her into a seventeen-year-old with passion and dreams which now touch the sky. The day my feet landed on your ground burdened with my hopes of a fresh start, you knew I wasn’t going to be easy. Maybe it was my eyes wide open curiously examining inches of your skin absorbing the tiniest of curves, excitedly. Or it was the childlike delight at being handed a huge rainbow lollipop. Yes, you are a rainbow lollipop which makes any mouth water yet be afraid of touching you in the fear of spoiling you.

Maybe it wasn’t just you, but the people within you. From strangers to best friends and vice versa, to all of you, thank you. Ten years down the line when I think about Kolkata, it wouldn’t be the place I miss, but you people who made this strange land feel like home. Thank you for defining this place for me. Kolkata, you were my home of maybes and in-between’s. Your sweet trembling lips touch my forehead and I know that, while I might have been a truant you never ceased to love me. The city lights spread a sense of serene in my veins, you must have known it all along. With mean red days of discontent slipping through my eyes and nights when the next day’s sun wasn’t something I was looking forward to, you were there through it all. And the days of Durga Puja which somehow cheered even the saddest of souls are forever drenched in nostalgia. I found the writer in me with you alongside and if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t know how beautiful laughing in one’s own pain really is. To the city which dug a place in my heart and made my insides tremble with excitement, thank you.

I am dreading this moment, I must wave you goodbye. A new chapter awaits its perfect first line. But my, ending you is anything but easy. As I leave you to have my great adventure, I will selfishly take a part of you with me. I refuse to acknowledge that we are over. While you failed to validate our relationship, you will always be the place I learned to trust again.


A girl who grew up.

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  1. Rishita Agarwal says: Reply

    nostalgia sinking the way you write

  2. Nice blog. Like your writing.

    1. Tanya says: Reply

      Thank you. I am glad you do. 😀

  3. PIPO says: Reply

    Love your blog! All the best for your future!!
    -an Instagram follower

    1. Tanya says: Reply

      Thank you

  4. All the very best for your journey ahead. <3

    1. Tanya says: Reply

      Thank you, Poulami. ☺️

  5. Are you a Bengali…

    1. Tanya says: Reply

      Nope. I have lived in Kolkata for two years.

      1. Oh…Okay…

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