An Open Letter To The One I Loved


I never thought love can be strong that it could knock me off my feet. Slowly, I fell in love with you. I started dreaming of spending my life with you. I started hoping. I started smiling. I started living. With you by my side, I got a companion that I knew would remain always with me. I felt strong enough to give a fight to this world. I tried to give you hope too. I tried to make you understand too. I tried and tried but always in vain.

We broke up and you gave a reason which I had known from the beginning of our relationship. Now, before you again start giving me the family unacceptance reasons, I would like to tell you that there are numerous couples where the religion difference is present but they still don’t give up.

A strong relationship deserves a fight. It deserves a chance. I always thought that you were very strong but now I know the reality. Just because you took a bold step doesn’t mean you’re strong.

Did I ever tell you to go and tell your parents about us, right now? Did I ever ask you to go against your parents, right now?

No. What I asked for was giving our relationship one chance. What I asked for was telling your parents about who you love.

I know. You would blame me for not understanding the situation and not behaving maturely. You too are sad and disappointed because you too wanted our togetherness but let me tell you something dear, we have to fight to get something. Nothing comes on its own to us.

I know. You get hurt by my rude way of talking. You ask yourself everyday questions like this “What’s your fault?”, “Why is he talking with me like this?”.

Let me tell you again. I always remained as stable as a mountain about what I wanted from us. I was always full of hope. I had every hope from you but by giving up on us, you broke me. You broke my heart. My hopes got shattered and now, I am nothing but an emotionless psycho guy. I have become rude and more stubborn than ever. I get irritated and angry more easily. I have stopped caring for anyone’s emotions. My heart wants to fall in love again but my mind fears from doing so again. Your step has instilled a deep-rooted fear in my mind. My mind’s stability has gone.

You accept it or not. What I have become today is only because of you. You will have to see me like this. You have no other option. You won’t be able to get my older self back.

You don’t know how much deep this small decision of yours has hit me.

Now, let me make this very clear. I am not begging for the revival of our relationship. Even if in future and that too by chance, this relationship gets revived again, I will kill it myself because I don’t give second chances to anyone. I am gone from your life and I won’t ever return, even if I had a chance to.

Your love was the medicine for me that has now turned into poison and killed the goodness inside me.

Good luck for your future.


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  2. Sad. Religion does affect relationships but it doesn’t have to. My ex blamed my religion for our fall, but he married twice after that and still failed and religion wasn’t a factor. So, don’t despair. It does not have to be a reason, just an excuse because love never fails. I eventually married someone I wasn’t in love with but we were good friends and out of that came a love stronger and unbreakable than I ever imagined.

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