An Attitude That Needs Evaluation.

Hello you beautiful soul reading this. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.
Now here is one thing I think we have to talk about. Here is an attitude that needs evaluation. That needs to be weighed down with all the pros and cons. Maybe this is the sudden realization in me or this youthful energy that is urging me to do something for the world, the greater good. I feel like I have to address this. The attitude “If it doesn’t directly affect me, I don’t care about it.” And with a heavy heart I have to claim that this has become the general attitude of people. Is it the right thing to do or the wrong thing? Let’s analyse both situations.
To be frank, that attitude is completely against every single thing I believe in. but I won’t be bias here. So we will discuss about both the sides. Let’s start by supporting this attitude.
1. You have to look after yourself, so if it doesn’t affect you, you shouldn’t really care.
2. Why should someone go around interfering in other people’s business.
3. It’s not good poking your leg everywhere.

Now, the other side (hello, from the other side). I know that we can’t go around inserting our opinions on people. But this attitude is seen among people for general issues like terrorism or rape or even casual crimes. It should affect you, because terrorism does not happen to create fear in the hearts of those affected by it, it affects every stranger who hears about it sitting in their car on the radio, who watch it on huge television screens and people who watch a new #PrayFor hashtag emerge on social media. Rape my friend, not only affects the victims but also the society it takes place in, provoking questions. In the country I live in, “if it doesn’t directly affect me, I don’t care about it” has become the general response, a norm.
Yes, it is right in one way but wrong on so many levels, ladies and gentlemen. My point is that, we can’t go around waiting for it to affect us. Social evils, terrorism, rape, crimes they just don’t disappear, you can’t wait for it to affect you, we have to do our part in removing them, making this world, this land, this country, this area a better place, a safer place and an understanding environment.
We have people fighting for basic education rights, tell me this doesn’t affect you. If you say it doesn’t, I know you are lying, there are people who can’t read what I am writing because “internet” is non-existent in their lives. Don’t go around shouting we can’t stop terrorism. I say, yes we can. We can destroy hate with love. Fighting for justice is not candle marches after an incident, it is stopping that incident from happening. Female infanticide, child marriage, child labor all of these social evils, how do you remove them? By talking about it, by discussing, by raising awareness and finally by making a change, even if it’s a small change in the four corners of your own house, it still counts.
I am sorry, this might be the sudden burst of energy within me or the teenage brain that asks a lot of questions. This blog, is my platform and I am going to use to its full potential. I can’t just SHUT UP, even if I am not a direct victim. I am human and this affects me. So, I speak, not to be known but to be heard. Even if my effort is the tiniest drop in comparison to the world-sized problems. But hey, remember drops of water makes an ocean.

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