Book Review: Start A Start-Up from Start by Gyanesh Sahu

Book Summary –

Start a Start-up from Start is an inspirational journey with tips for young and budding entrepreneurs on how to set up their start-up. Knitted around the budding generation of entrepreneurs and the struggles they face.

This book traces the journey of an engineering grad with no meaning in his life and how he converts his weaknesses into strength’s small-town boy who has transformed himself into the man he always inspired to become, but that is not it. IS this what he wanted? Will he have to sacrifice his friendship for it? Will love come in between his path? Has he turned the society against him?

The book is not just a novel but a handbook cum guide which includes step by step processes for budding entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to build something up on his will inspire you, fill your mind with questions yet take you on a journey to rediscover yourself and when you are back, feed you with answers on a platter.

It has a simple approach called the formula for success, so follow Abhimanyu’s journey to create the perfect formula.

The story starts with Abhimanyu’s desire to become an entrepreneur. For which he does various tasks and makes his own formula to become an entrepreneur.

*I received a review copy from the author. *

Review –

I would give this a book a 3/5

It is filled with loads of self-motivating techniques which the author has filled in with his life experiences. But there are some grey areas in the book which could have been changed to fit the storyline better.

There are many spelling mistakes and even the names of the characters are misspelt, which put me off a little. These mistakes can be easily fixed in the next edition of the book. Initially, the book began with a lot of stereotypes and clichés, which made the plot of the book predictable.

The book being non-fiction, it’s a great read for anyone who’s looking to get some tips and are interested in entrepreneurship. The book is filled with the challenges and personal anecdotes the author experiences on his journey to becoming an entrepreneur and even after he becomes one.

Although, if you look at it from a story perspective, I felt that there was a disconnect from reality and maybe a proper background story of characters would help understand the story better. I would have loved to read in-depth about the side characters, instead of having them appear randomly in the story.

Towards, the middle of the story, the plot seems to have a structure forming, like an up-down graph. It is a great handbook for understanding the market and the market value. The book again falls into a predictable slope towards the end. The book is targeted to a specific section of people namely aspiring entrepreneurs and people interested in this business genre. The content is not generic and will only be of value to people interested in it. So, for those people, this will be a great book.


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