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  • Talking To You | Fiction

    Hola! So yes, I posted this on Instagram but I have added a few more sentences towards the end. I hope you like that. And don’t forget to let me know if you do. Also, I hope you’re enjoying the open letter series. Swallowing words, stuttering syllables, and awkward laughter, talking to you was daunting.  […]

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  • Together | Ficiton


    Driving each other crazy since the day we met. It was maddening. Your cologne still smells like the only home I have ever known. The crisp winter air represents a harsh irony to our intense warmth. Darling, our passion was at the acme. The only paths unexplored were the downs of our unsolved equation. We […]

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  • The Apple – Short Story Society

    Hey guys, I am taking part in Lia’s Short Story Society and this week’s theme was ‘beginnings.’ So I wrote the beginning of a love story and I chose to do a love story because writing cheerful/happy emotions is challenging. And I know I have a LOT of things to improve on but hey, it’s […]

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  • Second Skin | Fiction

    second skin

    She loathed the person she had become. How dare she put herself first? How dare she speak without a filter? How dare she claim her rights? How dare she decide to be black and white in this colored world? Selfish, materialistic, rebellious and hostile their favorite adjectives to coat her with. They loved it when […]

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  • It Took Me A While | Fiction

    And yes! He was toxic. He was poison camouflaged as a well-mannered, breath-taking, eye pleasing sweet smelling Greek God. His cherry pink lips tasted heavenly when I kissed them for the very first time, leaving me mesmerized. I was smitten when those deep brown eyes sparkling in the sunlight landed on my shadowed face as […]

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  • Marks. | Fiction

    Maybe, in the end, that’s all we intend to do. Leave marks of our existence in the craziest ways imaginable. Who cares if these marks are faded scars? Or if these marks are unwritten messages that should have been sent ages back, who cares? Frankly, neither you nor me. I am stuck in this rat […]

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  • Recklessly.


    Maybe unknowingly bits of you will find itself in my writings. I might talk about your heroic effect or write tales polishing our star-crossed fate. Your essence might linger a little longer among my words. And that’s okay. I write with my heart, not my mind. Unfortunately, they are no more in sync, the ripples […]

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  • Victim of Love? 

    It’s been one of those “I don’t know what’s wrong with me” days for a while now. The tiniest hint of grief makes his heart crumble. Looking for an explanation as to why his heart feels so heavy. Tranquility is what he seeks. Hoping to conquer happiness and store it as a permanent resident of […]

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  • Fighter.


    “As we talked the night grew darker. We were both sleepy, but neither of us wanted to say goodbye. Our talks were plain nonsensical, yet the most meaningful conversation I had ever had”, she whispered. Her eyes moist, looking for answers, I wished, I could give her. With a sigh she continued, “His voice was […]