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  • An Open Letter To Manipal

      Dear Manipal, Four months of delightful encounters and strange people. You gave me a life, far away from the safety cushions home offered. With memories drenched in happiness, I am going to keep them locked away right at the centre of my heart. And no, Alohomora won’t do the trick. From being painfully homesick […]

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  •  An Open Letter To The City Of Joy

    Dear Kolkata, Thank you for taking in a fifteen-year-old confused, slightly whiny, a little dramatic teenage girl and turning her into a seventeen-year-old with passion and dreams which now touch the sky. The day my feet landed on your ground burdened with my hopes of a fresh start, you knew I wasn’t going to be […]

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  • An Open Letter To Humanity | Guest Post

    Dear humanity, Why do we fight amongst ourselves and wound each other with metaphorical daggers that miss our heart and instead puncture our lungs and cause us to labor out painful breaths that tinge memories with more than a pinch of salt? Why can we not accept that everyone is equal regardless of skin, gender, […]

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  • An Open Letter To My Ex-Best Friend

    Hi, my name’s Louise and I’m a 22-year-old blogger from North East England. You’ll find me atwww.jeezlouisexo.blogspot.com talking about beauty and makeup along with the odd lifestyle post now and then! Thanks to Tanya for featuring me on her blog, I hope you enjoy reading my open letter, and hopefully see some of you over on my […]

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  • An Open Letter To My Heart

    Hi! I’m Queen JoJo from Queens and Cupcakes, it’s a pleasure to be a part of the Open Letters Series hosted by Scribbled Dreams. I’m a fifteen-year-old, who is obsessed with reading, writing, and Netflix. I developed a love for blogging last summer when I started my blog and it was one of the best decisions […]

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  • An Open Letter to My Past-Self

    Hey, guys! My name is Renuka and I’m 19 yrs old. I’m just another girl who is trying to find a place in this world. I love photography and want to be a professional photographer. I’m also a book nerd. I have a blog called “Past Bedtime Blog” (pastbedtimeblog.wordpress.com) where I post book/movie reviews and […]