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  • An Open Letter about Love and Fulfillment

    Try this exercise: Go out to a busy street or park and ask several individuals “What is love?” The answers you succeed in getting will surely be disparate and difficult to synthesize. Our age, sex, culture, religion (if any) and personal experiences will all influence our responses. Many will believe that true love, like Peace […]

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  • An Open Letter To My Imaginary Friend

    Hey! I’m Em, an 18-year-old lover of cinnamon swirls and coffee living in the heart of the countryside. Currently on her gap year adventures, doing as much as she can, and also dabbling in this ‘blogging’ thing. There’s not much to say about me, I’m fairly average but I love to write, sing, act, explore, […]

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  • The Open Letter Series – 200+ Followers Project

    Hello fellow earth beings 😀 How are you doing this Monday? I hope your day is productive. As mentioned in my last post, every milestone needs a project, right? So this time it is *drumrolls please* The Open Letter Series. This is a guest posting series. So I would need you (yes, you) to participate. You will […]