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  • Anasthesia

    It’s 1 a.m. and I am right where you left me a year ago. In my living room. Chocolate brown couch. Phone in my hand. Texting a boy who isn’t you. And the only thing I can think about is how he is just not you. You with your uncanny charm and disaster awaits smile. […]

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  • Micro Poetry – 1 

    You leave me clues to decipher in the last lines of your poetries. It’s a fun game. But I don’t want to be played. We sip black coffee masking the truth in this bitter liquid. Knowing that one day we wouldn’t have to. One day, we will spill the truth and it won’t hurt. Everything […]

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  • Rather Be Honest (Poem) | Guest Post

    Rather Be Honest (Poem) | Guest Post

    Hey! You crazy lot. Guess what? I am trading guest posts with Nisaa and we have written poems for each other’s blog. She is wonderful and such a beautiful soul. Read her poem and see it for yourself. I mean this poem is perfect and it really hits you. Go to her blog The Down Deep to […]

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  • I Am Sorry. | Poem

    I am sorry

    “I am sorry,” I tell them every time, It’s just that my insecurities they haunt me.  Every night is a battle, they swallow my rational mind and fill it with ways to escape this torture.  I am sorry, I react wildly every time my insecurity is mentioned as a joke that yearns for laughter.  It’s […]

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  • Control. | Poem

    control poem

    I feel trapped in this vicious cycle, A wave of nauseousness flows through my heart, It engulfs my body with intentions pretty sinful, Reminding me that solitude is nothing short of art. A long walk in the moonlight, I decide. It’s dark. Hmm. Hitchhike! I should ask for a ride. “Where to, sweetheart?”, he questions. […]

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  • I Promise | Poem

    i promise

    Does the size of my skirt, distract you? Or, is it my strap that’s naughtily playing peek-a-boo? Maybe, it’s my chest, that is simply breathing, arousing you. Or was it the chow-mein you ate, affecting you?   Maybe it’s my outspoken attitude, Or my presence on the streets at night, Maybe it’s that video you […]

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  • Perfect Shade | Poem & SPECIAL Announcement!!!!

    perfect shade

    So let’s compare the Sun and stars, To our love for pain and scars. Or let’s do this poetry differently, Let’s portray love as sunshine and rainbows. A sweet fragrance of mushy and flirty, A potion of proposals and beaus.   Let’s do this old school, sweetheart, Let’s write pages, confessing our affection. Let’s take […]