Deciphering The ‘Y’ Chromosome – Chapter 1

Does being born a man make me an exception? Am I anything more than just a normal or ordinary human? Was I or any other male assigned for a set of rules and regulations from our birth simply because of your stereotypical thoughts? I really wonder what gender society would be, if it had one, because I don’t think it’s fair to any of us in this rat race.
Even biology puts its head down when it comes to a man because of the so-called concept of “men shouldn’t cry.”
Why do tears in our eyes seem like a bolt out of the blue? Can’t I crave for sympathy? Is craving for sympathy an act of tomfoolery when it comes to guys? Are we guys only supposed to sympathize with girls and be judged harshly if we dared to shed a tear or two?
Being brave is somehow related to tears in this world. Even the bravest of men have their breaking point, and it’s the right time you all realise it.
To all those who told me it is not manly to cry when I bruised my knees while racing bicycles in the park at the age of five, to all those who told me it’s a sign of weakness and cowardice to cry when my dog had died in a car accident when I was 12 years old , to all those who asked me if I was a girl for I cried when my grades didn’t meet my expectations, to all those who mocked me when I cried because the girl I was crushing didn’t find my chubby self-cute enough to date at the age of 16, to all those who shut me down as I cried in my dreams without my knowledge; I’M NOT REQUESTING YOU PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND MY PROBLEMS AND HELP ME IN THEM, JUST REALIZE MY POSITION AS A HUMAN IN THIS WORLD AND ALLOW ME TO BE ONE. DON’T IMPOSE YOUR IDEAS AND OPINIONS ON ME.
You’ve pushed me to this limit that I fear being myself in this world with people who expects anyone to always be somebody else.
We are humans too, we cry too.
Don’t make common human activities gender based.
I really hope there doesn’t come a time when there will be a limit as to everything from breathing to eating for guys.

Rosh and Tanya.
(Girls in the shoes of guys).


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