A recent conversation with a friend made me think about the concept of “ definitions ”. I don’t know about you, but as a kid I had no idea on the difference between beautiful or ugly. I didn’t know who was black or white. Hell, I didn’t even know right or wrong. I was a little kid, having no clue what this world had in store for me, so I made friends easily, played pranks and lived in a world where the only thing that mattered was Tom & Jerry on the TV and toys to play with. That’s all I needed to make me happy. The only competition that happened was between my brother and I, on who got the most number of chocolates (I always did).

What happened to that carefree little girl with short curly hair? How did she grow so fast? Since when did she start caring about how she looked. When did Tom & Jerry slip out of the timetable and got replaces with subjects like physics and maths. Why did she have to give up the comfort of flats to wear heels. Why did she become so insecure of things that don’t even matter? Why did she cover her mouth every time she laughed?

She learned the definitions the society had created for specific things. She learned the definitions of beautiful, pretty, ugly, cute, funny etc. She was young and had no idea that these words didn’t have fixed definitions. Yes, my friend you heard that right, there is no fixed definition for these words. She was naïve and easily affected by the things the society had thought her. But she was wise, she soon learnt that she didn’t fit in these definitions. So, she tried and tried different ways to fit into them, to mould herself into these definitions. She longed to be called beautiful. She was desperate to fit in, to be like everyone else.

Alas, she was different, I am different and so are you. Remember I told you she was wise; it took time but now she knows that these words don’t have fixed definitions. No, they don’t. You create your own definition. Yes, you take the word and put your very own meaning to it. The moment this happens, nothing can stop you. Be who you want to be not whom you are taught to be. Still wondering if you fit, don’t bother you don’t fit, nobody does and that’s why let’s embrace ourselves in every form. You don’t like your bunny teeth start embracing it. Your tiny little flaws that you feel insecure about, honey they define you as an individual. Never let the expectations of others censor your characteristics. I am proud of who I am and you should be too. In this world where there is war knocking at every corner, self-love is important. So what is your definition of this post, please let me know by commenting down below. 😀


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  2. Shalini Guha says: Reply

    So it’s Definition this time.. I read and i totally went on flashback mode thinking how have I changed.. And believe I did get the answers.. There’s a common say things change with time but no one ever says that we change with society. Y to wear stiletto to a high profile party when a person is more comfortable wearing flats??? I agree with all your statements.. It is just that bringing a change in the society is more difficult then going to the moon for us now.. May b someday people will sit, think and change. Let’s see when that day will come. Till then we’ll try our best to bring that change. Continue to share your thoughts with others. Because people get inspired and share their thoughts to.

    1. Tanya says: Reply

      Hey, Shalini thank you so much for sharing your opinion. 😀 It is true that we grow by the rules of the society but, what we fail to realize is that these rules are subjective. Lets do our part. Also thank you once again, your comments make my day 😀

  3. Great post! When you stop to think, it’s amazing how many of the things that we view as important aren’t even real. Even money, so often viewed as the ultimate goal of life, is nothing more than a social construct: it only has value because enough people act as if it does. The same is true for political power. “Powerful” people are only influential because others choose to obey them. If enough people stopped listening to them, they would be powerless. This means that if a definition is proving to be harmful (e.g. the definition of success being individual material wealth), it can be changed if enough people choose to act in a different way.

    1. Tanya says: Reply

      Hey, Thank you and i completely agree with. Instead of accepting these “fixed” definitions, if we create our own meaning of it then things like material wealth will not be the definition of success. 😀

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