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Hello amazing readers, how are you doing this very fine day (or night)? My exams are over and school is as hectic as it has always been. So, posting new stuffs has become difficult. But all that aside here is another fiction titiled  ‘Ending.” I hope you like it.

I flinched as he scratched my soul with just 7 words “I don’t think I like you anymore.” Seven words, 25 letters and it was the end. What happened to those falsely promised happy endings? Where is the word happy in our ending? The pride is missing in your eyes, that light I could stare at all day is gone replaced with emptiness. Why are your eyes so hollow that I want to dive deep inside, and swim to your heart and reside permanently? You took the decision; I was simply playing the yes to all your question marks. I was the nod of approval to the biggest mistake of your life. Shh! Hear me, this is a secret, I knew we were not having a forever. Oh no! not because I was a flight risk, remember that last day of summer, your head in my lap, I saw you slip out of my reach, where you plunged into darkness, baby. The lust we have for darkness is incurable. The temptations we try to conquer are failed attempts at happiness. My apologies I didn’t want to accompany you. I was not ready to go back yet; my wounds they haven’t healed, my scars they haven’t faded and my war I haven’t won that yet, sweetheart. Nevertheless, my mind is adamant to find the happy that is missing from our supposedly ending. Hey Cinderella had one, I demand one. Yet all I have is this barren addiction to whisky, like fuel to my broken soul.

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  1. Scribbled Dreams. You have an amazing way to put your words. I loved reading this piece.
    Scribbled Writings

    1. Tanya says: Reply

      Thank you. And wow! We have similar names. Thank you for stopping by Karthik and hope you have great day.

      1. Yeahhh.. Tanya… the common name that we share was what made me read your posts… Keep bleeding with those words.

        1. Tanya says: Reply

          Aww! Thank you. And soon I will be on a binge reading session of your blog.

          1. That’s so sweet of you…. Do let me know how you found reading them… For now I’m getting lost in your scribbles.

            1. Tanya says: Reply

              Thank you. And I definitely will let you know. Happy reading.

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