“…………………She din’t know the specific reason, she just stood there and looked down. The road was bustling with traffic, people running around busy with their own lives.Will someone notice her absence? Will they now understand her? These questions had burned inside her mind. She was there standing, waiting, if only someone had noticed.  She gazed at the stars wondering if the story her mother had told her was true, that good people who die become stars in the night sky. She din’t know whether  she was one among the good people, she dint even know if she was bad. The definitions of good and bad that the society had told her was it true? What if the society was wrong and she was just misunderstood? The questions that she had pushed behind flowed like a stream towards her. Will she ever find the right answer? will it be too late by then?  She closed her eyes and for a moment let weakness flow over her. Letting it all sink in and connect with her. She realized her cheeks were wet, the tears have somehow managed to escape, she let them flow. She came here every week to let it all out. Today was somehow different, the wind flowed strangely sending shiver down her spine.  And in someway the darkness and the cold breeze gave her an unknown sense of comfort, telling her that it was okay. She dint know how long she sat there, maybe an hour or two or even three, but that didn’t matter. When the tears had dried, she felt content. She stood up brushing her skirt off dirt and turned around making an unspoken promise to come back again. Cause it was under the stars that she could be herself and feel the world. The wind and darkness comforted her, like she was their daughter. She now was smiling, ready to face another week. Strong enough to survive another phase”.


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