The Girl of My Dreams. – Durjoy Datta : Book Review 

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A little bit of back story here,

I think this is the 7th book I have read by this author. I got a signed copy because I pre-ordered the book. Before I begin with the review let me just add the Goodreads description :

We are in the car She s looking at me. I can see the love in her eyes for me. Then a huge crash. She s flung out of the window. I m thrown out too. A pool of blood. Her eyes are still on me . . . but now it s a death stare. I am Daman and I wake up to this nightmare. Every. Single. Day. Waking up from a long coma Daman learns that he was in a massive car crash with a girl who vanished soon after the accident leaving him for dead. Strangely all he remembers is a hazy face her hypnotic eyes and her name Shreyasi. To come to terms with his memory lapse he starts piecing together stories about himself and Shreyasi from his dreams which he then turns into a hugelypopular blog. When he s offered a lucrative publishing deal to convert his blog pieces into a novel he signs up immediately. However he gives in to editorial pressure and agrees to corrupt the original edgy character of Shreyasi. Big mistake. From then on Daman is stalked and threatened by a terrifying beauty who claims to be Shreyasi and who will stop at nothing to make him pay for being a sell-out. Before Daman fights back he needs to know Is she really who she claims to be? What does she want from him now? What if he doesn t do what she wants him to? The Girl of My Dreams is definitely not your usual love story. You can read the rest here.

Now how did I feel about this book :

  1. I like how much effort has been put into creating Shreyasi. The whole mystery around her identity had me hooked. In the beginning, I expected to relate to Shreyasi, but I am not that sinister/wicked so I couldn’t put myself in her place to understand her character. The other female character is Avni and I could kind of relate to her. I understood why she did what she did. (I am trying to keep this spoiler-free).
  2. Now let’s talk about our male protagonist here, Daman Roy. A guy who is severely impacted by a car accident that the only way to get him to do normal day-to-day activities is to create false memories for him. An experimental treatment called Retrieval-Induced Forgetting (Read about it here.) What had me intrigued was the fact that Daman is a complex character. Predicting his next move was a little difficult but I kind of figured out the ending before I reached there.
  3. This book had me on my tip-toes all the while. Every page turn brought a new angle to the story with it. The twists and turns were crazy and all seemed to connect, somehow. That’s what I love the most about this book. The fact that the author had let loose so many strands of different threads all around the story and finally tied them all together in the end.
  4. My another favorite thing about the book is that I had to stop reading and look up to absorb everything going on. My friends can vouch for this, I had some major reader’s feels (if that’s what it’s called). When I was reading this in school I had to pause and breathe because of the suspense, the drama was another level altogether. I was literally saying “OH MY GOD!” out loud and I sure did get a few weird looks. But that just tells us how amazing this book is.
  5. I highly recommend this book, it’s a great read. The world that Durjoy Datta created of Daman, Shreyasi and Avni is filled with mystery, love, and obsession.

MY RATING : – 5/5 (Yes! It was a really good read, after a really long time).

There is one line I felt a connection with – “I broke out of that fantasy the minute it got real.” I love this line.

That’s it for the review folks. Have you read this book? Will you read it? What did you think about it? Let me know in the comments below.
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  2. Sounds fascinating. Was this book written originally in English? I ask because I got a translated book and it was very difficult to read. It was a good story but the translated words did not seem correct so I had to try to figure out what they really did mean or what the object really was. Things like that. It was a translation that appeared mechanical. Let me know. Thanks!

    1. Tanya says: Reply

      Yes, this book is written in English, so I don’t think you would have a problem. Let me know if you like it. 😀

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