Her. | Poem

This was the last time he could see her,

Before it ended and there will be nothing left of her.

She might exist in tiny fragments of his imagination.,

Like shattered pieces of glass held with caution.


The lonesome wind has a story to share,

He is ready to listen, anything to help him care.


“Once on a dark night, with full moon among the bright stars,

She was born in a place smelling with lost hope and that of cigars.

Her only mode of survival was to beat them at their own game,

And so she did, she fought till she bled and rose to fame.


Made enemies and friends but forgot one rule,

She had promised never to break,” recited the wind,

Knowing very well that history repeats itself and reality is cruel.

It then dawned on him, for once he had sinned.


He realised his mistake, yearning for an embrace,

Hoping with all his heart for a miracle to take place.

But boys and girls, this is no story with happy ending,

This a tale of misery, heartbreak and betrayal happening.


Their end was written, destiny had played its part,

His mistake, her broken promise and their hearts fell apart.


But who was she?

She wasn’t ordinary, she was a misfit, a rebel, a heart filled with pride.

She was wild, strong, dangerous and far too ahead of mankind,

She was the kind of women you go to war beside.


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