How did this Blog come into Action?

“Turn your dreams into reality”, we hear people saying that to us when  we start talking about things we want to do, we are passionate about etc. But, hey lets backtrack a bit how do we do this? What will be the consequences? Am i ready? Isn’t it too late/early for that? And all these questions will come running to your mind (at least that’s exactly  what happens with me).

So what do we do just think too much and do nothing. Or start it and then leave it, cause its easier said than done, right?

To be very honest there are so many things i have started and left them in between. Having a blog is a dream of mine and look here i am. So i am going to tell you 5 things i did to reach this place.

1.Thought and OVERTHOUGHT

From “i am so not ready for this”, “what if people don’t like me?” to “what if i am not creative enough?” I have gone through all of the worst possible thoughts. If overthinking was a competition i will be first( although i am not the only one who “overthinks” like its their job)

2. Read and watched motivational stuffs

That was my way to feel i was doing something in reality i was just postponing it. I did find a few very inspiring and motivating things like this one. Lets all be honest here we always wait for “that perfect moment”, “the right time” and maybe also “the right sign”, i did that too and i am so sorry to break the bubble but the perfect moment never came.

3.  Support

Then i looked for support from friends to family to anyone who will be ready to hold me in case i fall. In this search i did learn a lot of new things. Yet this wasn’t easy either i actually wrote an email to my dad (i could have just talked to him) bullet pointing out the advantages of me having a blog and requesting him to agree to this.

4. Research

This the step when i actually started doing something about it. From articles to YouTube videos to anything or anyone who has an idea of blogging. Things slowly started working out from scattered pieces of thoughts to real articles and posts.

5. Realization

I got so lost in the 4th step that i started procrastinating. I wanted everything to be perfect not a hint of imperfection and this want became so important that i forgot to do the needed. It finally kicked in that i had to post something  and that if it wasn’t what i envisioned it to be, it’s okay. One day i will get there but i need to start to reach.

So these are the 5 stages i went through to bring this blog into action.

Hi guys, all i want to tell you is that, if you want to do something its now, just go do it, stop waiting for the sign. Comment down below and tell me about you and your dreams, let me know if you have been through any of these stages. It will make me extremely happy if you do so. 😀



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  2. Daal says: Reply

    Am so glad you decided to blog! thanks for visiting my blog – especially since its led me to your lovely one here 🙂 So honest & wonderful here!

    1. Tanya says: Reply

      Aww! Thank you. ❤️

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