I Will Love You | Poem & Hitting 300 Followers

Give me a chance and I will love you,

I will love you, so hard that the mountains envy my strength,

I will love you, so much that the ocean feels insecure about his depth,

I will love you, for so long that the sky questions his infinite length,

I will love you, so brightly that the light fears the intensity of our warmth.

I will love you like there is no tomorrow and death will skip our souls,

I will love you in pieces and full making the islands bow their heads in shame.

I will love you with such repetition that the stars wonder if their similarity is a mistake,

I will love you in mistakes and even more in sadness and the most when you try to be fake.

I will love you selfishly and shamelessly because with you everything feels home.


Give me a chance and I will love you,

I will paint you in my craft with your desires and obsessions,

I will write about you in way unimaginable, with your hysterical humor and those eyes caged in glass,

I will sing about you in songs written in loops of passion and chaos,

I will proudly tell strangers about your heroic charm and misunderstood afflictions.


Give me a chance and I will love you,

I will take you out on a date and wear that dress in red,

I will make music of your voice and that slight heartache will fade.

I will move in sync to the silence of the night with my hands wrapped in yours,

I will kiss you a thousand times erasing every memory of hers’ you hold,

I will love you on lonely nights and on busy days,

For you make stars seem human, and magic sounds mundane.



1gtflzWe hit three frickin’ hundred here. Is this real? *ouch* I have tears in my eyes as I type this, how did I get so lucky? Like you actually care about what I have to say? I think I love you. My, you do know how to keep a girl happy. There are 300+ members to this family. Let that sink in. And if I could I would literally send pizzas to all your houses. I admit I expected to hit 300 sometime early next month. But I woke up to this today. Thank you for making my 2016 magical.

Also, I updated my ‘About Me‘ so read it and tell me if its good, will ya? And pretty please tell me if you like this poem.

This is my last post for this year and for the next two weeks. So HAPPY NEW YEAR fam. May your year be filled with hustle and happiness. Thank you for everything.

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  1. finja says: Reply

    Oh my, your words are pure heaven! You’re so talented girl!
    x finja | http://www.effcaa.com

    1. Tanya says: Reply

      Thank you so much.
      I am so glad you liked it. ✨

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  3. I love this…really really beautiful words

    1. Tanya says: Reply

      Claire, thank you so much. ❤

  4. Lia says: Reply

    Congratulations! You definitely deserve it, your blog and your writings are awesome <3

    1. Tanya says: Reply

      Thank you loads, Lia. You’re too sweet. Have an amazing new year. ❤

  5. Swayam says: Reply

    Tanyy, that meme though. Lmao xD xD Btw the poem, gurrllll. So many comparison I mean that honestly requires deep mulling stuff over. Well I like the poem. Holy mackerel!

    1. Tanya says: Reply

      I am glad you liked the meme. and thank you .

  6. Jo says: Reply

    So cool! I hit 200 a couple of days ago and couldn’t believe it. It took me so long, but it grows exponentially each day.

    1. Tanya says: Reply

      I know right. These numbers motivates me so much. Thank you and hope you have an amazing 2017.

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