Interviewing My Dad : Father’s Day

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Today in honor of Father’s Day I will be interviewing my dad regarding his general views about this day and a couple of other things here and there. I am so excited that I get to share this with you and would be so thankful if you can share this post with your fathers, friends, mothers, siblings, and everybody you know.  Also, I managed to get this interview in the middle of the India-Pakistan final match, so you gotta give me props for that.

Question: Which are some of your fondest memories as a father to two really good(sometimes not so good) kids?

Dad:  The very first being when they were born. The initial moment of feeling like a father was exhilarating. Then it was when my daughter was called for the grand finale of iGenius scholarship and we had to fly to Delhi.* Also, there was this boat ride trip we took in 2007, where we spent three days on the boat and it was one of the best family vacations ever, Although, you two probably don’t remember it.

Question: According to you, what are the essential values/life lessons every parent should teach their child?

Dad: How to be a good human being is crucial. By being sensitive to the world, the society and the people around you. Understanding where they are coming from is important. When you’re sensitive, you care for the society, the people you accept their shortcomings and don’t hold it against them. One should also be open to constructive criticism and always try to be a better person today than they were yesterday.

Question: What’s your favourite part of being a father?

Dad: There’s this phrase which goes like, “Naam karega roshan” (Will make me proud) that’s one of my favourite parts. When your kids are happy and they are doing good in life. What else can a father want other than the happiness of his kids? Also, after a tiring day in office and coming back home to spend time, knowing that all the hard work is worth it.

Question: If you could go back in time, to when you were a kid would you do anything differently for your parents?

Dad: Definitely, yes. My father wanted me to become an engineer. I wish I could have fulfilled his dream.

Question: In the career v/s family debate where do you stand?

Dad: Career is definitely important but family is what matters in the end. You have got to maintain a balance in both the spheres. And it’s a simple mathematical calculation, your career is with you from approximately 20 years of age till you’re 60 or 70. Whereas your family is the only thing with you since day 1 and they will be with you till the very end. Career is something that gives you stress and family is a stress buster.

Question: What did you want to be when you were young?

Dad: I am still young. But see, at our time we didn’t have the options you have now. I was terrible at Biology so medical was out of the picture. A computer was something new to the world at that time and although it raised doubts in my father’s mind, he believed in me and trusted my decision. Which now gives me the courage to support my children in choosing their respective career paths, which are alien to me.

Question: Are you happy with your decisions?

Dad: Yes, very much.

Question: Finally, any parting words for my readers?

Dad: Live your dream and respect your family values. Remember it doesn’t matter if you win or lose if you fail or succeed it’s the experience and what you learned from it which counts.


There you go. That was my father in all his glory.  Let me know how you liked it and don’t forget to share this post everywhere. Don’t forget to subscribe/follow my blog. A very happy father’s day from dad and I to you and yours.

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*Yes, I was a smart kid back then. But education happened and things haven’t been the same since.

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