Look Me Through – Chapter 2 



St.Aloysius Science Block, Boy’s Washroom:

“Wake up Swayam!”
I knew this was a bad idea. I mean, I could have been reading my novel at home but no, my brother just had to go.
“Bro, it’s a reunion. We have to go. Imagine, all those chicks who may have gotten hotter. We have to cater to their needs and ours. We owe this to Mother Nature and her intimate ways of breeding”.This is what he said before winking at me in front of the bathroom mirror we share. I had reluctantly agreed back then. Not because I wanted to meet these women but because Swayam wanted to. And being stuck together means we have to listen to each other and compromise. Once we had reached the reunion, my dear brother wasted no time getting acquainted or should I say reacquainted with our former classmates especially the females. And then we fucked up. Swayam managed to convince me to let him have a drink. He ended up have much more than one glass unfortunately.
And so here we are, in the old boys bathroom in the science block. The first thing, I noticed when I entered with a passed out twin by my side was that the footprints were still present on the ceiling. I guess not all my memories of this place are too bad.
My brother’s weary call snapped me out of my reminiscent state.
“Finally you’re up! Didn’t I tell you not to drink. But of course, why would you listen to me?! You do realise I’m a bit tipsy too now even though I haven’t had a sip of alcohol.
Swayam just held his hands to his ears and said,”Stop shouting, I’m sorry okay. I’m sorry!! Tere bhai ko maaf kardo.”
I couldn’t help but chuckle at my drunken brother’s antics.
“Such drama bro, you really should join the theatre.”
However Swayam shot back,” Maybe I would have if someone wasn’t too shy to speak his dialogues properly.”
I was glad it was dark and he couldn’t see me blush.
”Uhuh, now do I have to support you or can you walk by yourself?” I asked him.
Swayam, his voice filled with a tinge of excitement said, “Back to the party?” I just gave him an impassive look before saying,” No you bitch, we are going home and you better hope mom is sleeping.”
That got a reaction from him. Swayam’s face turned pale at the mention of our mom. Ugh, I probably would be the one in trouble for this more than him. And to be honest, I should do a better job of taking care of my occasionally out of line brother here.
Swayam gave me a look of anxiousness before saying, ” Bro, that girl…”
I sighed, I knew exactly who he was talking about. I said,”Surprisingly, even after witnessing drunk Swayam, Avni Rajput saw something interesting in you and decided to give me her number”
Swayam looked shocked,” She gave you her no.? You’re a lucky man.”
“Holy fu- no! She gave me her number to give it to you, you dumbass!”
A dawn of realisation hit him as he gave a sound of understanding.
I chuckled and said,”Pfftt- let’s go home alright. We have to work tomorrow, as I’m sure our dear mother is going to remind us.”

As I pulled the car, which had been specially designed for us, into the driveway, I noticed the light in mom’s room was still on. God, if she caught us…
I looked at Swayam, who was on the brink of sleeping and said, ” Bro, not a sound now. We mustn’t alert mom of our presence.”
He made a noncommittal grunt which I decided to take for a yes. As we entered the house and started to move up the stairs, I heaved a sigh of relief.
I thought, “Looks like we’re safe”. Suddenly the lights came on and there she was. Standing at the top of the stairs. Kaveri Rai. Our beautiful mom or at least she was beautiful. Right now, she had some green icky stuff on her face and her hair was all curled up with those rollers. All those times we had been bullied, she was the one who always gave us hope. Sure Swayam stood up for me but he had been bullied a few times too. Kaveri, probably one of the busiest moms in our city, still always found time to listen to our day. No, she made time. Swayam and I loved every inch of her and she loved us. Our friends loved her too. I mean this lady was the definition of coolness after all. She is a sought out international landscape architect. Which also meant that we were left alone in the house a lot of times which allowed us to have cool house parties. Of course our nanny/ maid made sure nothing was ever too out of hand. But right now, there were other pressing matters at hand
She gave us a stare, well gave me a stare before starting,”See the clock behind me? See where the small hand is pointing?”
I guiltily nodded my head before she continued,” And I can smell alcohol! Shrey! Clearly you have forgotten how your brother is. I’m very disappointed in the two of you. You both have work tomorrow and this is the condition you’re in!”
I sighed. Mom loved being dramatical. It is like second nature to her.
Swayam said, ‘I’m sorry mum, I should have not been so careless. I promise this won’t happen again.” He did his best I’m-really-sorry expression which always worked. And it didn’t live to fail this time either. My mother glared at us before giving a sigh and said,”Fine, now why don’t you both go off to bed and muster up any sleep you can before getting up for work.”
This got frustrated noises from the both of us. As we entered our room, we fell on our bed and fell asleep almost instantaneously..

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