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Hey people of the internet (talk about being dramatic), how are you? I hope you are having a blast right now. And thank you, if you are reading this. Okay, so let me tell you something about this poem, I started this poem about 2 months back and I procrastinated writing this (Don’t judge. :P). This one is titled “Love” (How original, Tanya.). Anyway I hope you like this, and if you do, please comment down below and let me know.



Don’t tell her about that,

She has seen a mother lose her child,

She has seen the world that reviled.



It reminds her of beautiful mistakes,

Like a ray of light among snowflakes.

It reminds her of her first heartbreak,

The youthfulness now lays un-awake.



It exists in the wind that tickles,

Among the stories of kings at battles.

The only thing now visible is pain,

Wishes of future are now in vain.



Don’t tell her about that,

She has seen the world at wars,

Lives lost and those faded scars,

Of beach walks and red roses.



A concept beyond man’s understanding,

A thought so complex it gets you thinking,

What if it ceased to exist?

Alas! how can we simply resist,

The temptations and the necessity to be desired,

To be loved, to lose control and to be touched.



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  3. Shweta says: Reply

    I do love a good read ! And that too about LOVE. I came across your blog and loved it ! I also started a blog which inspires me to write as well. Nothing fancy; just stories I imagine. I was hoping if possible, could you have a read and let me know? Any feedback would gladly help. 🙂
    P.S Any blogging tips would also be appreciated.

    1. Tanya says: Reply

      Hey, Thank you so much .
      And I just checked you blog, I love your stories, they are amazing. It’s short but so real. And about blogging, well go out and meet other bloggers, everyone has something to teach, you can learn so much from them. Again I am glad you liked my poem. Have a great day. ✌️

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