Hi guys, I am back at it again with another piece of fiction. I just really enjoy and love writing them. Tell me what do you think of it and if i should continue posting them. This one is called  MASKS . 

She looked at him again, seeking for answers, he had promised to give her. She was trying to find the real face behind all those masks, little did she know that he had become one of the masks, that he had used it so many times, that it was becoming a part of him. He no longer felt her presence and was slowly losing himself to this world. She was scared this would happen and begged him to come back. His dreams were no more of love and sunshine but of anger, broken and crime. He was becoming a part of this cruel world again, becoming a traveler with lost hopes and broken dreams. She could sense that the future had now transformed itself, slowly becoming a home of anger, sadness and misery. Their love was raw with sharp edges and youthful restlessness, filled with young hope and dreams of happiness. The outcome was beyond their wildest imagination. She held onto him with what was left behind. She knew if she let go she would lose him and this time forever. Holding on so tight was hurting her and yet giving up was something she had never learnt of. This was their last chance to gain something forever lost.

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