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So let’s ignore each other and pretend we never existed, but deep down we both know that things were not meant to end like this. It’s funny how a short span of time was all we had and we screwed that up too. It’s crazy how you can feel things that you can’t actually see. And how these things have the power to make you stop breathing, how they can destroy you. I thought that I had found my peace amidst this chaos. I was wrong. I was wrong in thinking that we could have defied the odds, we could maybe have created our own constant. You and me just between us, we did have it easy and we royally screwed it up. There is a part of me that blames you, blames you for everything. For making me vulnerable, for leaving me when I for the very first time had slowly started to believe. I blame you for starting the fire and then leaving me there to face it alone. Yet there is another part of me that knows it wasn’t meant to be and that I should thank you for ending it before it even started. A part of me that knows it was the right thing and we are better apart. Every time I look at you, I am reminded of things we could have been. But that’s a habit of mine that has to die.  Everything with time will heal. Time, time was something we didn’t have. But then, that’s just me trying to justify us, which I really shouldn’t. How can I justify something that only existed in tiny fragments of our wildest imagination? We live in a world of maybe’s where you started to become something constant. It was silly of me to forget that everything here is a probability, a MAYBE.

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