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I wrote this when I was 14 and I don’t know if this is the right place to share it, but I guess I will take a chance. This is just a piece of fiction. Remember I wrote this when I was 14, I didn’t want to edit too much of it because I didn’t want to alter its true essence. I wrote this 2 years ago so if there are any grammatical mistakes I apologise.


When you are about to recover from the emotional breakdown you just faced. When you are trying to console yourself from the storm after it is over. You are slowly starting to heal, trying to forget about it. Adjusting yourself to the outer world, slowly moving away from darkness even though you know that the darkness will consume you again. But for that moment the darkness has released you. When the wound is still fresh. And the bandage is just placed over it. And you move forward. Wishing for a new beginning. But that is where I miss out the fact that the world goes on. I see people busy with their lives. I am not happy nor am I sad. I just want to see things in a different way, to hear the rhythm to which this world dances. And then I realize that the monsters I am running away from, they haven’t changed they will still prey on me if I get too close. They will hunt me down if I try to be normal, only if they knew how much they make me go through, if only they knew that the darkness is where I run away to, if only they knew how much it hurts me, how badly these wounds sting. They rip the bandage of my skin, exposing me to the pain once again. The nightmares flash in my mind again, the things I was trying to heal from are back. I know that this is not their intention, but it stabs me every single time. it feels like – when my heart was broken like a shattered glass piece, but somehow I taped it back and then you peel the tape off, making me cringe at the pain. the reality of it all, slaps me right across the face, and then I run, I sprint back to the darkness, where I can scream without being heard, I can cry my heart out knowing that I won’t find anybody ready to wipe them of my face. And I am all alone away from those monsters. Yet I can’t help thinking of how much of a coward I am, running away from them is no good. But the reality of all of it is too hard to handle, it becomes suffocating. They bring out the inner me, they make me realize exactly how broken I am. It’s all bad, it’s terrible and yet the cycle repeats itself, making me go through all of this once again.

So that’s it, do comment down below and let me know if you like it or if posting this was a bad idea. Thank you for reading and have a great day. 😀

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  1. ‘To hear the rhythm to which this world dances’ favouriteee linee! I really enjoyed reading this – so beautifully written :))

    1. Tanya says: Reply

      Hey thank you for reading

      1. Welcome!

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