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  • An Open Letter To 2016

    Dear 2016, I must thank you for hundreds of hours spent soul-searching and minuscule clouds of hope during my states of extreme helplessness. In short, you were a roller coaster of dreams and realities merging in plain sight. Your silly tricks and brilliantly planned surprises in rough corners of our healing hearts made sure you go […]

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  • Breaking Stereotypes, Taking Actions And ‘The’ Future.


    And there comes a point when your insides churn, and the faces you have known all your life seem unfamiliar, hostile and terrifying. You look up to the white colored ceiling, trying to push those tears away because they have always mistaken tears, as a sign of weakness. Today my future flashed before my eyes and […]

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  • An Open Letter to My Past-Self

    Hey, guys! My name is Renuka and I’m 19 yrs old. I’m just another girl who is trying to find a place in this world. I love photography and want to be a professional photographer. I’m also a book nerd. I have a blog called “Past Bedtime Blog” (pastbedtimeblog.wordpress.com) where I post book/movie reviews and […]

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  • Talking To You | Fiction

    Hola! So yes, I posted this on Instagram but I have added a few more sentences towards the end. I hope you like that. And don’t forget to let me know if you do. Also, I hope you’re enjoying the open letter series. Swallowing words, stuttering syllables, and awkward laughter, talking to you was daunting.  […]

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  • An Open Letter about Love and Fulfillment

    Try this exercise: Go out to a busy street or park and ask several individuals “What is love?” The answers you succeed in getting will surely be disparate and difficult to synthesize. Our age, sex, culture, religion (if any) and personal experiences will all influence our responses. Many will believe that true love, like Peace […]

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