Perfect Shade | Poem & SPECIAL Announcement!!!!

perfect shade

So let’s compare the Sun and stars,

To our love for pain and scars.

Or let’s do this poetry differently,

Let’s portray love as sunshine and rainbows.

A sweet fragrance of mushy and flirty,

A potion of proposals and beaus.


Let’s do this old school, sweetheart,

Let’s write pages, confessing our affection.

Let’s take several years for us to even start,

Let’s fill this painful test of time, with playful flirtation.


Let’s dress in black tuxedo’s and gowns blue,

I will save the last dance for you,

We will ball dance in masquerade,

Oh! How beautifully to the music, we swayed.


Make it magical,

We will fill It with our dreams.

So 20 years down the line I can say,

“You were my perfect shade.”


Okay alright I have something to say. And it’s going to be legend-wait-for-it-dary (Brownie points to whoever gets this reference). SO *tries creating suspense, fail miserably* WE ARE A FAMILY OF MORE THAN 100 PEOPLE.

Yes, I know right, let that sink in :D. Thank you so much to each and every one of you who have followed this blog. I am extremely grateful and I love all of you (sends virtual hugs).

Alright here is the ANNOUNCEMENT –

On account of hitting a 100 followers on this blog, I want to do a small project. I am not revealing any details at the moment but I am so excited!!!!! All of you bloggers and non-bloggers can take part and it would hardly take more than 2 minutes from your busy schedule. I know a lot of you have schools, exams and a social life. Also follow my Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to know more about this project. 🙂

Also, *grins widely* I am launching it on *wait for it 😉 * 9th October 2016. Save the date (I mean you don’t have to, but it would be lovely if you did.)

Also I have my mid-term exams in two weeks, so I would not be able to actively blog! I will try scheduling posts (KEYWORD : try). I am so stressed *breathes*, but it’s alright. I can do this. Hustle mode on.

My social media links are :-

Twitter : @scribledreams || Instagram : @scribledreams || Snapchat – tanya.sahay1

My last post is here.

I love you munchkins :* xxx


And until next time……………………



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  2. Sharon says: Reply

    Congratulations, Tanya! Now you’ve got me wondering about the surprise on October 9. Great build up!! Best on your exams 😀

    1. Tanya says: Reply

      Thank you so much, Sharon. . And I hope you like the secret project.

  3. Congratulations on a hundred + followers.
    We’ll see what you have planned for us 🙂

    1. Tanya says: Reply

      Thank you so much and I hope you like it. 🙂

  4. The poem is just perfect. Nothing else to say. And don’t thank because everyone followed you because u r amazing and u deserve it. Will be waiting for your work. All the best.

    1. Tanya says: Reply

      Shalini, Thank you so much

  5. Lia says: Reply

    CONGRATULATIONS!! I’m so happy for you 😀

    1. Tanya says: Reply


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