Rhyme l Poem

And so her words rhymed,
To fit perfectly this time.
What they say is true,
Victims of love are the ones who write.

The melancholy turns you,
You seek isolation among words that know you.
Desperate to hide, run and cry,
She forced her sorrow to fit in these words of rhyme.
She wrote about his hair and eyes so starry,
His perfect lips and his oh! So charming smile.

Every time she could rhyme,
Something of his to something of hers,
She could sense him right beside.
He was the reason she wrote,
He fit in pieces, where she could hide.

It was her attempt at being alive,
To write stories of their broken lives.
She hated writing about him,
But she missed him and so she wrote,
To keep him alive in pieces of her life.

Look at the way destiny plays,
He had no idea she wrote about him.
Maybe it is for the best,
Their love is no more a test.

And one day she will wish him goodbye,
And delete every single rhyme.


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