So I Write Letters To Myself…

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How you doin’?

And now that I have your undivided attention. Here’s something I’d like to share. I like to believe that I am a positive person and I try to be to the best of my ability. I love setting goals and reflecting back on them. What I love more is reflecting on the person I have been a year ago or two years ago you get the flow right? We don’t remember every day but we remember moments.

(how should I say this? this is an important piece of me and I don’t tell people about this. I am just scared people will make fun of me.)


I write letters to myself. (Tanya, go hide in a corner) And I don’t mean just note to self, I mean actual letters. And I put them in an envelope (I make the envelope, brownie points for creativity, NO? Okay) and seal it.

Let me explain the process.

I wrote a letter to my 19-year-old self when I was 15. And I have sealed the envelope only to be opened when I turn 19. In this way, I get to see how far I have come. To see how much I have changed and to believe that things do get better and when you’re at rock bottom the only way to go is up.IMG_6512[1]

And the reason this is a big deal is because, when I had the idea to do this I was 15. So then I wrote another letter to my 17-year-old self. Most of you don’t know but it was my birthday 2 days ago (23rd January).


So it was the first time I was opening one of the letters I wrote. And I had no idea what I had written, so I was excited to read it. Being the knucklehead that I am, I completely forgot about it. As the clock struck 12 and the phones calls were attended (I sound so fancy) I suddenly didn’t feel well. You know how things are, the anxiety and overthinking.

But then I remembered the letter, and let me tell you this, this is one of the most amazing things I have ever done to myself. I know this is not an original idea but this idea of writing letters to your future self is wonderful. It felt like my 15-year-old self-understood exactly what I had wanted to hear.

I got to thinking and I  came to the realization that I have upgraded myself. I moved to a different state, new school, I am almost done with my school life, I started this blog and I am happy.

Let me know if you do this or if you would like to try doing it.



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  1. awiee. that’s such a lovely ideaa. i do such kind of things too. but, i always made birthday presents and proper greetings. i am proud of you and my younger self. <3

    1. Tanya says: Reply

      Hahaha. Thank you.

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  3. Elena says: Reply

    This is such a lovely idea, Im thinking about doing it as well. It must be so interesting and also funny to see what I wrote years ago. HOw did you feel reading your letter?
    Also, belated happy birthday!
    love, elena

    1. Tanya says: Reply

      Thank you, Elena. You should totally do it. And to be honest it was wonderful reading it. It felt like I was speaking to my younger self. It was a beautiful reminder. And maybe I read it in a time I needed it most but this letter was exactly what I needed to hear. Give it a try, it might surprise you.

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  5. So, so adore this idea! Very fun & different take on journaling. I’ve written letters to myself before but not having such a large amount of time in between!



    1. Tanya says: Reply

      Thank you, Erika. And you should totally do this. I can vouch that this is an amazing idea and a great way to look back on or give your future self some advice. 😀

  6. Jo says: Reply

    What a wonderful idea Tanya. Like Rich, I wish I’d thought of that when I was young, I might have taught myself a thing or two. LOL But, I do think it’s a remarkable idea and Happy Birthday!!!

    1. Tanya says: Reply

      You should totally do it now. It would be lovely to reflect back on it.
      And thank you. 😀 <3

  7. Rich Mullen says: Reply

    Hey Tanya, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I think it’s a fantastic idea! I only wish someone would have given me this idea back when I was a teen. I can see where you would forget the details of the letter by the time you get to read it, so I imagine some if it can be affirming, other parts surprising and even humbling, but all of it contributing something to the stable self that is at the core of each of us,
    Hoping your birthday wish comes true,

    1. Tanya says: Reply

      THANK YOU 😀 Yes, reading the letters is like visiting your old self and you sit and have tea. But you don’t have to be a teen to do this. You can do it now, you still change a little every year. Ang thank you 😀

  8. Andy says: Reply

    Hum, So I am 40. Shall I write a letter to myself at 50? 🙂 Sigh, If only I could write a letter to my past self and see how much that would change my life now 🙂

    1. Tanya says: Reply

      DO IT. Also for 43 and 45 etc too. You would be surprised at how different things are. It is a wonderful idea.

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