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  • Beautiful Is Tag

    Hey! (It’s me, I am back). Kiya from Flawed Silence created this wonderful tag and nominated me. This is such a lovely tag and I am so excited to do it (imagine me running around throwing confetti and whistling some catchy tune, my whistling abilities lack practice but this is imagination). If you want to read about this […]

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  • So I Write Letters To Myself…

    Whaddup Cupcakes!!! How you doin’? And now that I have your undivided attention. Here’s something I’d like to share. I like to believe that I am a positive person and I try to be to the best of my ability. I love setting goals and reflecting back on them. What I love more is reflecting on […]

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  • Definitions

    A recent conversation with a friend made me think about the concept of “ definitions ”. I don’t know about you, but as a kid I had no idea on the difference between beautiful or ugly. I didn’t know who was black or white. Hell, I didn’t even know right or wrong. I was a […]

  • Fiction

    Hi guys, I am back at it again with another piece of fiction. I just really enjoy and love writing them. Tell me what do you think of it and if i should continue posting them. This one is called  MASKS .  She looked at him again, seeking for answers, he had promised to give her. […]

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  • Who Am I? Labels?

    Figuring out who you are = one of the hardest things in the world. Right? We want know who we are, what we are capable of accomplishing. Our strengths and weakness and then embracing your weakness. To some it comes easy like it’s been there all their life. And to some of us it’s not […]

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  • Happy International Women’s Day : 2016

    Every year on March 8th we celebrate International Women’s Day. This day marks the celebration of women all over the world. You might notice that stores give amazing discounts and free spa tickets. But, is this what IWD is all about? Well my dear friend, no international Women’s Day is about acknowledging the struggle and […]