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  • Anasthesia

    It’s 1 a.m. and I am right where you left me a year ago. In my living room. Chocolate brown couch. Phone in my hand. Texting a boy who isn’t you. And the only thing I can think about is how he is just not you. You with your uncanny charm and disaster awaits smile. […]

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  • Deciphering The ‘Y’ Chromosome (By Rosh & Tanya)


    Two girls? Is this another feminist post, again? Well no. This is a series where two girls will put themselves in a boy’s shoe, to understand the male gender. With our detective jackets on we solve the mysteries behind “Don’t cry, beta (son). You’re a grown man.”, “Enough you’re a man go out and show […]

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  • Teenagers. Who?

    Teenage a term used to define people like me. We are not kids anymore; we are not adults either. When you reach this age, you go through puberty. Which is pretty horrible to be precise. Think of it this way, this is the age when we go through a lot of changes (by lot, I […]

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  • Timeout from Life. 

    Hi guys, so a conversation with a family member, made me think about how we are constantly on a race against time. There are deadlines to be met, projects to be completed and people to be contacted. Ladies and gentlemen how many times do you worry about things that are to happen in the future? […]

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  • An Incident. 

    Okay, so this major incident happened today. In fact, right now, at this very moment. And to say that I am shocked, disgusted and enraged will be an understatement. It’s ridiculous how dumb, stupid and small-minded a person can be. Now, let me tell you the whole story. My friend and I we were sitting […]

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  • Definitions

    A recent conversation with a friend made me think about the concept of “ definitions ”. I don’t know about you, but as a kid I had no idea on the difference between beautiful or ugly. I didn’t know who was black or white. Hell, I didn’t even know right or wrong. I was a […]

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  • Mediocre Life, Failing and Questioning Everything.

    Do you reach a stage where you start to question everything you wanted to do with your life? Like why not accept the mediocre life and live life the way everybody does. Should I really dream big, what if I fail, I don’t have a plan B, what do I do then. These stuffs are […]

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  • The 4 Fact Survey

    Hi, I was nominated by an amazing and inspiring blogger wordedlink, check out the poems, they are brilliant. Now on with it – 4 Names Other People Call Me Other Than My Real Name: Well a few of them are variations of my real name (Tanya). Tani Tanny Tinu Oreo 😀 Four Jobs I’ve Had: I […]

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  • The Liebster Award

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is my first award. OMG, i am so excited for this. So, here it goes. A huge shout-out to CanYouNotSee for nominating me. Thank you so much 😀 The Rules-  acknowledge the blog that nominated you and display the award answer the 11 questions that the blogger gives you give 11 random facts about yourself […]

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  • New Year Resolutions (2016)

    Happy New Year guys 😀 Its 2016 time for all the new year, new me stuffs. I know you all are probably bored by all of these stuffs and that it gets annoying. I personally didn’t like them either in the beginning and if any of my friends started it then i will probably tell […]