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  • Look Me Through – Chapter 5 

    SHREY RAI: I saw a comment on my latest blog post. When I opened it I noticed just like the other multiple comments, this one too was asking me about who the subject of the poem was. They really can’t expect me to tell them now, can they? Avni Rajput, my major and only crush […]

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  • 13 Reasons Why – An Overhyped Teenage Show?

    13 Reasons Why - An Overhyped Teenage Show?

    This post is a collaboration with the supremely talented Punya, go over to her blog to see her post on this TV show. She goes into detail about each character and I am sure you wouldn’t want to miss that so head over to her blog to read All About Thirteen Reasons Why. 13 Reasons Why […]

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  • An Open Letter To My Younger Self | Guest Post

    Hello, Tanya’s followers! You might know me, I’m Lia and I blog at Lost In A Story. I talk mainly about books but recently also more about writing. I don’t know what you want to know about me but here are the basics: I’m 20 years old and live in the Netherlands, I love reading […]