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  • Anasthesia

    It’s 1 a.m. and I am right where you left me a year ago. In my living room. Chocolate brown couch. Phone in my hand. Texting a boy who isn’t you. And the only thing I can think about is how he is just not you. You with your uncanny charm and disaster awaits smile. […]

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  • Greased Hearts | Poem

    Greased Hearts | Poem

    I am not here to tell you he was special, Frankly, he was the sinner of all my sins, Feeling the need to put cushions under my feet, Treating me like I had ‘fragile handle with care’ inked on my skin.   And I didn’t object, I fell in this sort of haze, It was […]

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  • Her. | Poem

    This was the last time he could see her, Before it ended and there will be nothing left of her. She might exist in tiny fragments of his imagination., Like shattered pieces of glass held with caution.   The lonesome wind has a story to share, He is ready to listen, anything to help him […]

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  • The 4 Fact Survey

    Hi, I was nominated by an amazing and inspiring blogger wordedlink, check out the poems, they are brilliant. Now on with it – 4 Names Other People Call Me Other Than My Real Name: Well a few of them are variations of my real name (Tanya). Tani Tanny Tinu Oreo 😀 Four Jobs I’ve Had: I […]

  • Fiction

    Hi guys, I am back at it again with another piece of fiction. I just really enjoy and love writing them. Tell me what do you think of it and if i should continue posting them. This one is called  MASKS .  She looked at him again, seeking for answers, he had promised to give her. […]

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  • Happy International Women’s Day : 2016

    Every year on March 8th we celebrate International Women’s Day. This day marks the celebration of women all over the world. You might notice that stores give amazing discounts and free spa tickets. But, is this what IWD is all about? Well my dear friend, no international Women’s Day is about acknowledging the struggle and […]

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  • The #GirlLove Challenge

    Hey guys, The #GirlLove Challenge is a campaign by one of the most inspiring YouTube sensation IISuperwomanII  a.k.a. Lilly Singh. This campaign is all about completely abolishing girl-on-girl hate. Women are strong, beautiful, bold, wild, amazing, talented and so much more. We are so full of potential and filled with a drive to change the […]