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  • So I Write Letters To Myself…

    Whaddup Cupcakes!!! How you doin’? And now that I have your undivided attention. Here’s something I’d like to share. I like to believe that I am a positive person and I try to be to the best of my ability. I love setting goals and reflecting back on them. What I love more is reflecting on […]

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  • Definitions

    A recent conversation with a friend made me think about the concept of “ definitions ”. I don’t know about you, but as a kid I had no idea on the difference between beautiful or ugly. I didn’t know who was black or white. Hell, I didn’t even know right or wrong. I was a […]

  • Fiction

    Hi guys, I am back at it again with another piece of fiction. I just really enjoy and love writing them. Tell me what do you think of it and if i should continue posting them. This one is called  MASKS .  She looked at him again, seeking for answers, he had promised to give her. […]

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  • I Took A Risk.

    About 2 weeks back, I got a haircut. Don’t worry I am not going to write about haircuts. I went from hair way down my shoulders to hair touching my shoulders. To all you boys out there who don’t understand this just know that it was a major change. I have been debating about cutting […]

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    What does stepping out of your comfort zone actually mean? How do we know that the thing we are currently doing is inside or outside our comfort zone?  This might seem quiet complex like a question in trigonometry (it’s hard okay!). To be honest it is definitely not easy, it might seem crazy until you […]

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  • How did this Blog come into Action?

    “Turn your dreams into reality”, we hear people saying that to us when  we start talking about things we want to do, we are passionate about etc. But, hey lets backtrack a bit how do we do this? What will be the consequences? Am i ready? Isn’t it too late/early for that? And all these […]