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  • So I Write Letters To Myself…

    Whaddup Cupcakes!!! How you doin’? And now that I have your undivided attention. Here’s something I’d like to share. I like to believe that I am a positive person and I try to be to the best of my ability. I love setting goals and reflecting back on them. What I love more is reflecting on […]

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  • Together | Ficiton


    Driving each other crazy since the day we met. It was maddening. Your cologne still smells like the only home I have ever known. The crisp winter air represents a harsh irony to our intense warmth. Darling, our passion was at the acme. The only paths unexplored were the downs of our unsolved equation. We […]

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  • The 4 Fact Survey

    Hi, I was nominated by an amazing and inspiring blogger wordedlink, check out the poems, they are brilliant. Now on with it – 4 Names Other People Call Me Other Than My Real Name: Well a few of them are variations of my real name (Tanya). Tani Tanny Tinu Oreo 😀 Four Jobs I’ve Had: I […]

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  • The #GirlLove Challenge

    Hey guys, The #GirlLove Challenge is a campaign by one of the most inspiring YouTube sensation IISuperwomanII  a.k.a. Lilly Singh. This campaign is all about completely abolishing girl-on-girl hate. Women are strong, beautiful, bold, wild, amazing, talented and so much more. We are so full of potential and filled with a drive to change the […]

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  • New Year Resolutions (2016)

    Happy New Year guys 😀 Its 2016 time for all the new year, new me stuffs. I know you all are probably bored by all of these stuffs and that it gets annoying. I personally didn’t like them either in the beginning and if any of my friends started it then i will probably tell […]

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  • How did this Blog come into Action?

    “Turn your dreams into reality”, we hear people saying that to us when  we start talking about things we want to do, we are passionate about etc. But, hey lets backtrack a bit how do we do this? What will be the consequences? Am i ready? Isn’t it too late/early for that? And all these […]