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  • Beautiful Is Tag

    Hey! (It’s me, I am back). Kiya from Flawed Silence created this wonderful tag and nominated me. This is such a lovely tag and I am so excited to do it (imagine me running around throwing confetti and whistling some catchy tune, my whistling abilities lack practice but this is imagination). If you want to read about this […]

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  • 3 A.M. Drunk On Procrastination Conversation – Love, Hope & Nutella.

    Greetings everyone! How are you doing this fine Monday? (Has the Monday blues hit you, yet?) Because I have just the right cure for your blues, today.  I present to you this amazing, beautiful and bemusing conversation, I had with this marvelous human being. I met Nihal on Instagram (bonus points to the internet) a […]

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  • Fight Hate With Love.

    *I am sorry, i haven’t edited this post. This is more like a rant. *   Alright, I have been meaning to address this for a while now, but something or the other comes up. I didn’t want to give attention to this, because I thought that instead of asking people to not hate, I […]

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  • An Incident. 

    Okay, so this major incident happened today. In fact, right now, at this very moment. And to say that I am shocked, disgusted and enraged will be an understatement. It’s ridiculous how dumb, stupid and small-minded a person can be. Now, let me tell you the whole story. My friend and I we were sitting […]