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I am taking part in Lia’s Short Story Society and this week’s theme was ‘beginnings.’ So I wrote the beginning of a love story and I chose to do a love story because writing cheerful/happy emotions is challenging. And I know I have a LOT of things to improve on but hey, it’s a start right? Also, thank you for sticking around, I know I haven’t posted in seven days. I hope you enjoy reading this.


Shy smiles and the battle of the eyes, to Ayesha this was straight out of romance novels. The butterflies tickling and the slight blush on her sun-kissed cheeks made her heart flutter with excitement. Rehan’s slightly tanned skin and brown eyes that hid under those horn-rimmed glasses made it difficult for Ayesha to not stare at him. His eyes moved in perfect concentration absorbing every word the teacher was teaching. Ayesha sat diagonally behind him on the wooden benches right next to her two best friends. He glanced back, sensing eyes on him and caught Ayesha staring. He smiled at her. Ayesha’s cheek’s reddened and she blushed furiously, she looked like a deer caught in the headlights. The bell buzzed rudely interrupting their moment. Both looked away, hoping no one saw their little exchange. The walls of the classroom smiled, knowing that this was the start of something beautiful. The windows chuckled, realizing that this year too, they would get to witness the beginning of a love story.

“Rehan, I am starving, do you have anything to eat?” screamed his best friend Sandy across the room making heads turn.

Rehan rolled his eyes at how over-dramatic Sandy is at times. Rummaging through his grayish red backpack he found an apple and tossed it to Sandy, who was standing right behind Ayesha. Rehan’s eyes widen as he realizes that it is going to hit her. Ayesha’s name reaches the tip of his tongue, but before he could warn her, Ayesha’s right-hand moves in a swift motion and she catches the apple. Rehan stares at her in awe and Ayesha walks over to him and drops the apple in his right hand and the left corner of her mouth lifts forming a smirk, says “You need to practice your aim, buddy.” Rehan nods, his mouth still agape with admiration.

“Also, you’ll catch flies like that,” Ayesha says with a new-found confidence and leaves the room. “Bro! That girl left you speechless,” says Sandy, who is taking a bite of the apple. Rehan extremely amused and slightly surprised by the whole incident quickly regains his composure and smirks thinking two can play the game.

“Shit! What was that, Aysh? You were so bold and confident, I am so proud of you. I feel like a mother whose children are growing up,” says Ayesha’s best friend Samira wiping fake tears from her cheeks.

Ayesha surprised at what she just did gives herself a mental high-five and replies “Yea, well I am over Sid, he has clearly moved on and I think it’s high time I do too.” Samira engulfs her in a bear hug and whispers “I am so proud of you.”

“Plus, Sam I think I might have a little, very minute-”

“WHAT?”, screams Samira.

“Crush on, Rehan,” Ayesha lowers her voice making sure no one hears them.

“OH, MY GOD! I should have known. Wait! This is awesome, I can ship you two. AHA, what can it be? Hmm… Reysha or Ayhan…” Samira says delightedly, glad that her best friend is back to her old self.

“Calm down, woman. It’s a tiny crush and I don’t even know if he likes me back, so hold your horses. And we need to hurry up if we want to make it in time to the chemistry lab.” replies Ayesha pondering if she should wait a little longer before acting on her feelings. What if it’s too early. It’s been seven months Ayesha you should move on…. And on and on went her mind overthinking again as she and Samira made their way to the lab, barely dodging the soccer ball that seems to come from nowhere.

“Hey, Apple girl, over here,” shouts Sandy from the fourth table in the left row where he is sitting with Rehan as he sees the girl from today morning enter the lab. Rehan glares at his friend, but it changes to a smile as he sees Ayesha and her friend make their way towards them. “Hi, I am Ayesha and this is my friend Samira,” she says to Sandy.

“I am Sandy and this is my friend who just lost his voice, Rehan,” says Sandy clearly enjoying this.

“Hi, Samira, Ayesha, and I would like to apologize for Sandy here, he thinks he is funny,” deadpans Rehan who isn’t removing his eyes from Ayesha who stares right back at him.

Chuckling Samira replies “Please call me Sam and it’s great meeting the two of you.”

“Sam, want to grab the apparatuses for this experiment considering we all are lab partners now?” says Sandy observing his best friend and Apple girl staring at each other.

“Yeah, sure, we will be right back guys,” Samira says thinking it is a good idea to leave these two love birds to fend on their own.

“So, hey!”, says Ayesha to Rehan desperately trying to start a conversation as the silence is getting awkward.

“Hey, you!”, Rehan replies casually playing with the ring on his index finger.

“Listen, I am sorry if that little incident offended you I don’t know what got into me,” says Ayesha wondering if she had been a little too impulsive.

“Of course, not. How can I be upset with you? After all, you accepted my marriage proposal, wifey”, replies Rehan smirking.

“WHAT?”, questioned Ayesha and then just like the way you lift the sheet off a fresh painting it hit her.

“Oh!” she says still shocked.

“So, what should I call you wifey or finance?”, he winks at her.

“Wait, what is happening here?” questioned Samira overhearing the latter part of their conversation.

“You want to break the good news to them, sweetheart?” Rehan grins. “Dude, what is happening?” questions a bemused Sandy.

“He threw an apple at me,” says Ayesha as she adjusts her seat.

“So?”, questioned Sandy.

“She caught the apple,” Rehan states the obvious.

“So?”, questioned Samira sure her friends have lost it.

“In ancient Greek history, it is said that if a young man wants to propose to a young woman he throws an apple at her,” Ayesha speaks as her fingers fiddle with her dark brown hair a nervous habit that she had developed over the past years.

Rehan continues “And if she catches it, she accepts the proposal.”

Samira and Sandy holler with laughter. Still laughing Sandy questions “How do you know things about Greek mythology?”

“Percy Jackson,” they reply in unison.

“You guys are perfect for each other,” Sandy says high-fiving Samira.

“Table 4, keep quiet and kindly complete the experiment,” the teacher shouts.

They went back to their work, but this time, Ayesha felt the whole zoo inside her stomach instead of the butterflies. A smile crept its way to the corners of her cherry pink lips, the ticklish feeling was back again.


Alright, so there is the story. I hope you’re having a great day/night. And I noted that we 250 on this blog. I am not sure if ‘thank you’ is enough to say how grateful I am. So I am going to leave it at that.

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  1. Chloe says: Reply

    Tanya, you’re such a good writer! It honestly inspires me to want to write, like you have no idea. Also, congrats on hitting 250!

    – Chloe

    1. Tanya says: Reply

      Chloe, thank you so much. This means so much to me. And thank you.

  2. Fantastic job on this! The beginnings of a real nice piece here, definitely interested in hearing more about this pair. Especially since this is the unedited version, i’m very impressed. Give yourself some merit for this, you’ve done an excellent job!

    1. Tanya says: Reply

      Connor, thank you so much. I am planning on continuing this story some time in the future.

  3. […] in high school. The characters are adorable and it’ll melt your heart. The story is called The Apple, and I agree you should definitely continue writing […]

  4. Lia says: Reply

    It’s so cute! I LOVE IT.
    The ending of that first paragraph is perfect, and so original!

    1. Tanya says: Reply

      Thank you <3

  5. Tanya says: Reply

    Ahhh! Thank you. And I don’t know if I should continue this.

    Also about those errors, I apologise. I unintentionally posted the unedited version instead of the edited. Both of them were open at the same time and I guess, I copy-pasted the wrong draft. ( can you blame me? I posted this at 4 in the morning). Anyway I have correctly transferred the right draft and for safety reasons (considering it’s my job and I don’t want to get fired), I’m proofreading it again.

    1. Hardik says: Reply

      Haha. Thanks. How dramatic we can get. :p

      1. Tanya says: Reply

        I am a tad bit overdramatic.

  6. Hardik says: Reply

    Holy love, that was awesome. Please tell me you’re going to continue this.
    Okay, don’t answer that. YOU’RE GOING TO CONTINUE THIS.
    (And sorry, but I can’t help spotting mistakes. Plenty of punctuation mistakes, and you mentioned Sandy as Andy once. I guess that was a mistake. Please try to be correct with punctuation. It’s your job. You hit 250, congratulations, so people who read this, all of yours, know how it’s done. Sorry again for this.)

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