The Versatile Blogger Award !!!!

Hi guys,

Woohoo! It’s September. So if I was a wizard, I would be in my sixth year at Hogwarts (Why did my letter not come.  -_- ). Anyway keeping all my muggle feelings aside lets continue with this post.

So our lovely Severina here (from Sweet Strawberries ) nominated me for the versatile blogger award. This is such an honor Severina thank you so much. She is a wonderful blogger and her posts on mental health are a must read. Go check her blog out. She is amazing, talented and such a sweetheart. 😀

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Share the award on your blog.
  • Share 7 random facts about yourself.
  • Tag 10 bloggers with less than 1000 followers and let them know they’ve been nominated.

Seven Random Facts About Me:- 

  1. I weigh around 40 kilograms (which is around 89 pounds). Which is pretty bad for a 16 yr old. Don’t judge me.
  2. Today I woke up to wet cheeks because in my dream a character I created died.
  3. I love writing. Like LOVE writing. And I am planning to start writing a book. 😀
  4. I am obsessed with the television series Mr. Robot. ( Elliot is HOT *insert heart eye emoji here*)
  5. Back in sixth grade (around 6 years ago), I won a scholarship. Yes, I was a smart kid then. But then life happened and I grew up.
  6. I am a hopeless romantic (blame those novels).
  7. And finally, I have curly hair, like really curly hair. I am insecure about them, but I am slowly learning to embrace them. (*Sighs*).

Phew! That took more time than I thought it would. Apparently I am not good at knowing facts about myself. But hey, leaving all this aside, the people I nominate are :-

My social media links are :-

Twitter : @scribledreams || Instagram : @scribledreams

My last post is here.

And until next time……

7 Comment

  1. So, no nominations for me, eh? :’)

    1. Tanya says: Reply

      Who do you think is VD? It’s linked to you, genius. I have nominated you.

  2. […] My last post is here. […]

  3. Nam says: Reply

    Congratulations – although I have to say, I’m more more impressed by the similarity of our website names!
    scratchesandscribbles (you can add dream in there too!)

    1. Tanya says: Reply

      Oh hey!
      I must say great minds think alike.
      And thank you.

  4. Thank you so much.. It means a lot.. I don’t even know if am worth it.

    1. Tanya says: Reply

      Oh of course you are. You are doing a great job blogging.
      Looking forward to reading your post.

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