Timeout from Life. 

Hi guys, so a conversation with a family member, made me think about how we are constantly on a race against time. There are deadlines to be met, projects to be completed and people to be contacted. Ladies and gentlemen how many times do you worry about things that are to happen in the future? They bemuse you and make you question every single decision.

How do you cope up with that? Do you ever feel like running away? Wanting to take a break from all of those thoughts that are constantly running through your mind. From those big sounding words and  from the sensation of looking at your phone every single second. Taking a break from social media, from the Internet and probably from life itself. Like you want to pause your life and then after you are done, you can un-pause it and everything will be the way you have left it. You get the idea, right?

The answer to this is “take a timeout, yes, you heard read that right. Take a timeout from life itself, my friend. In a football match when the team needs to take an important decision the captain calls for a timeout. Why do they do that, why do they take timeouts? Now, this timeout is used to make important decisions that will affect the team either by making it win or lose. This timeout is taken to think, contemplate try out different strategies to find the one that fits perfectly.  They take a timeout to analyse the situation at hand. To find a problem to the solution they face. And that is why you my friend need timeouts or short breaks from life.

Your timeout can last however long you want, its your life. Honestly though, do you ever feel stuck, like “What am I doing with my life?” Then its, time for a timeout. You can spend it doing whatever you want and however you want, its subjective. Be creative, use your time wisely or waste it (not judging). It’s your timeout.

It’s really easy to lose yourself in this busy world. Maybe that’s when you need to ask yourself, what is the point?  So your boss hates you, your friends don’t get you, your teachers have no idea you exist and you are stuck thinking if anything matters. This is when you need a break. This doesn’t mean you stop living your life as a matter of fact use this time to do things you wouldn’t normally do. Like that book you wanted to read, meet your friends or start a new hobby. Anything that will be a positive impact in your life is always a good thing. And with this I take your leave.

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  2. Shweta says: Reply

    This post is soo needed! Sometimes you just feel…”blah! Il go somewhere and remain as a hermit.” To much of stress and pleasing everyone. Your right. A timeout from everything to relax is necessary. Maybe a spa vacay? 🙂

    1. Tanya says: Reply

      Hey, thank you so much.
      I am so sorry for replying this late.
      And yea a spa vacay sounds like the perfect thing. 😀
      Have a great day.

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