Tonight. | Poem

Not tonight darling, not tonight. 

Your unfulfilled promises would not keep me awake tonight, 

Your falsely worded apologies would be the last thing on my mind. 

Your deep blue eyes would not be the last thing I hope to see tonight, 

The memories of your stupidly worded jokes will not find my laughter. 


Not tonight darling, not tonight.   

Those songs would no more be of broken hearts, 

I will sway, dance and drink the night away; 

But you darling, will be the last thing on my mind tonight.


Not tonight darling, not tonight. 

My body will not ache for your touch,

Your essence will vanish tonight. 

I was no damsel and you were no knight.


As the stars become my perfume and the bright yellow moon my witness, 

You sweetheart will be my only wish tonight. 

Tonight, darling tonight, I will survive. 


A big hello to everyone, this poem is titled “Tonight.” I just got a 100 likes on this blog which is pretty dope. I know it’s not that big of achievement, but it means so much to me, so thank you to each and everyone of you reading this. This poem is a short one and if you like please do comment down below and let me know, it will make my day.

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  2. Shalini Guha says: Reply

    Congo babe.. So happy for u..
    And the poem… Felt my heart..

    1. Tanya says: Reply

      Aweee Shalini!
      Thank you so much. ❤️
      Your comments make my day. Love you loads. Xx

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