Vacation to Gangtok & Darjeeling

Hi guys, I am sorry (yes, you can kill me). I have been M.I.A. for the last three weeks and i am extremely sorry. But good news i went on a family trip and I had an amazing time there.  And you know what that means? It  means that i am dedicating one whole post to this trip. I am so excited to tell you guys about it. But i am so sorry, school started and had to deal with a few things here and there. But, it’s all good now, i am back to posting regularly (Took you long enough, Tanya).

So, this trip consisted of doing a lot of things for the first time, like :-

  1. I touched snow for the very FIRST time in my life. It was the best experience ever. It was so cold out there. We were among the mountains and it was so pretty.


2. I went river rafting. It was an amazing experience. The river was so huge. I got completely drenched but it was so worth it. 😀

In the middle of the river, waiting for the next wave. 😀
3. I climbed the Tenzing Rock in Darjeeling. <3 ( I was scared, i lost footing once and I was like crap! this is how it ends, but all that aside I am here, telling you that it felt amazing). To be able to do things, you don’t normally do. That feeling of excitement, fear and the adrenaline rush made doing it so much fun.

Sometimes to get things, you need to climb a little higher.
4. I got dressed in Sikkimese clothing, just to take pictures. 😛 There traditional dresses are so pretty.

The one my left is my brother and the one on my right is my dad.
5. And I sat on a Yak. (Yes, a hairy yak). 


It was a trip filled with adventure. We were literally in between the mountains and it was freezing cold. I am so glad my parents took me to this beautiful place. And that summarizes my whole trip. So, that’s all for today.

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Disclaimer :- I write this with no intention to brag about my trip. I wrote this post because all of you reading this are like family to me and families do share stuffs. In the most humble way possible i am so grateful i got to go on this trip and i thank each one of you reading this, for supporting me and not un-following me, when i did not post anything. 

And until next time… 


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