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It’s not void, its filled. Filled with every piece of my existence on this land. Yet, the only word I can choose to describe my mind is void. It is void of human talk. Void of feeling anything. In a tranquil, gazing deep into the unknown on a constant lookout for answers to non-existent questions. The rough edges, the unpolished suspicion that slowly sneaks its way out of head and goes straight to my heart. And shamelessly, my heart accepts it. what am I suspicious about you ask. Well, the fact that my face betrays what I feel. Not being true to the only person who knows, myself. The world is tainted. Tainted, with hatred, war and disease. With incomplete intentions, discontent souls and loneliness that forgets to cease. Yet there is a small glow of hope in a corner just out of sight. Right where the line of vision ends and time plays its game. That is where I find my thoughts wandering to.  It reaches this unknown territory and falls in love with the innocence and pure heart, of this land. The land of happy endings, fairy dust and that of magic. A place more real than life itself. So, how do you expect me to speak what my heart desires, when the only way I feel real is by being unreal. I am homesick, homesick for a place that doesn’t even exist. So I use the word void, it means way more than what it stands for. For a moment keep everything on standby, take a timeout from life and go explore this land where I find myself travelling to, maybe we will meet and I will show you my favourite places. Here I will tell you why, I sometimes run away, but that is a different story for another time and this is fiction. A truth hidden with lies.

So this was another piece of fiction. I like writing them. Did you like it? If you did then please comment down below and let me know if you like them. 😀

A huge shoutouts to my friends Shritha and Sangbartika for being amazing and heping me with this post. 😀

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