What was it? Fiction

Hey guys, this is me back with another fiction. I am loving writing this, so do let me know if you like it.

Was it the mistakes of childhood? Was it the innocent belief in magic? Was it the lessons life had taught her? She did not know. Whatever it was, must have been devastating. Now I see her smile. She is beautiful and wild. Yet there are things she hides, slowly believing it’s all fine. Look I say, pointing to the sunset, as we sit under the orange sky. I see her, look towards it, a flash of pain passes through but it is quickly replaced with a breath-taking smile. The flash is so quick, that you miss it. Maybe the sunset reminds her of broken promises and un-kept secrets. But I don’t really know either. Maybe it was promises of a future which is now a complete lie. Or it was the hope of a better life that is now in ashes. It was probably the moment when she knew that there was nothing to hold on to, but she had given her everything to it so she held, held on to it for her dear life. Thus, when it crashed she fell with it. Bruises that only time could heal. Now I see her fight every day to be happy, to live one more day. I see her on a war with herself, never giving up. Slowly progressing, so whatever it was doesn’t matter now. She is a fighter, she will fight till she wins and still keep up the fight to stay winning. . I watch her as she adjusts herself to this world, she is learning to love herself. She is investing in herself this time. Hoping to reach home for real this time. 

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  1. Sharon says: Reply

    Hi, Tanya! You are so beautifully expressive. I really relate to this emotive piece. Keep up the good work 😀 And I’m kind of new at blogging – do you have a like button that I’m missing? I couldn’t find it, and I like a lot of what I’m seeing!

    1. Tanya says: Reply

      Sharon! Thank you so much. If you open blog through WordPress reader that’s when you will find a like button. That’s the only way I suppose. All this aside, thank you so much and I hope you have a great day. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Shweta says: Reply

    I do love it! Good job.

    1. Tanya says: Reply

      Thank you so much.

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