Who is this Society?

  1. Me: Hey dad! Why is there so much pressure? 

Dad: It’s the society honey.


  1. Me: Mom can I *insert random activity*?

Mom: No, what will the society say?


  1. Me: Why can’t we just be ourselves?

Friend: The society is to be blamed.


Society, society and society. The society is always blamed, made a reason for things people don’t mutually agree upon. Like its way easier to blame the society than think of an actual reason/solution for the problems we face. (I know the examples above are not that good, but the meaning of this post is not, sorry I couldn’t think of anything else at this moment).


So my dear friends, who is this society. Who decides the rules, the code of conduct, the way we should behave? Is he some old dude sitting on a cushion faraway in the mountains with a cup of coffee and big book open in front of him. And he goes “Ahh, today I am feeling sad, so let’s make the people insecure of how they look, that is so fun.” Or is it some lady like Dolores Umbridge, sadistically enjoying watching us in misery. Who has intentions so gruesome? Who do we find ourselves blaming for all our problems?


After close examination and observation, I have come to the conclusion that the society for any particular being, is their friends, family and relatives (that sounds so fancy 😛). Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the people you blame are the people you know. Everybody has their own society that judges their decisions, thoughts and dreams. So in reality you don’t blame someone unknown, you blame your own. Now don’t misunderstand me, yes there are other secondary factors. But the primary ones are not unknown.  You give these people the right to judge you, to stop you from making silly mistakes, to correct you when you are wrong. This is the right thing yet not always. Sometimes you have got to fall to know what rising feels like, you have got to lose to taste winning and you have got to make your own mistakes to have your experiences.


As Oscar Wilde very wisely quoted “Society exists only as a mental concept, in the real world there are only individuals”. Explicitly this quote means that society is a concept created by individuals. In the ‘real world’, we act as individuals interpreting the rules laid by the society. We have the absolute freedom to break them anytime we think they are wrong or are conflicting with our decisions. It is individuals in the end who must use their minds to build houses, grow food and raise their children. A collective cannot do that. A society, is simply individuals acting within the boundaries of that society.


If you feel pulled back from doing things that give you happiness then I suggest you pause, take a good look around and observe your very own society. And remember you have the right to eliminate anyone who is holding you back or slowing you down. It is a good thing to make everyone happy but put yourself first. And with that I take your leave. If you liked this, then comment down below and let me know. Also subscribe to my emailing list to get notified when I post next.

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