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And it was last October when we made it official, you and I baby we swore to defy the rules and fall in that forever, heart-filling, constant smiles on our faces kind of love. And now it’s mid- November around a month after and I sit on the couch watching you fall out of love. Our phone calls didn’t last, your replies grew shorter and in no time we had nothing to talk about. Sweetheart, it wasn’t because we didn’t have anything interesting to tell each other. It was because when something happened I was no more the first person you wanted to tell it to. I was no more the answer to your bad mood. It’s pretty funny to be honest. You, baby you, used to fit in gaps I didn’t know I had. But now that you are gone, you have left a void in me. And I don’t know how to fill this hole up, when the love that was cemented could so easily crack. My heart, boy, was bulletproof and you still managed to bruise it. You said you wanted to make things work and you said it with such fierceness that my heart shone with hope. But hey, you wanted this to work, so I wouldn’t get hurt and that hopefully with time you would eventually learn to fall in love with me. But babe, I am not some complex theorem you can easily memorize. And now you are the boy “who messed it up” and I am just the girl “who took it all the wrong way.” We both are just characters in each other’s past now. You, the quiet, shy guy in my stories and I the mysterious girl in your songs, which you rarely sing. Nevertheless, you could have let me know that you would be moving on before December ends.



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